EMAS is an established Turkish company which has been operational since 1969, primarily manufacturing in the fields of electro technics, electronics and automotive. Expanding over the years and continuing its activities as separate companies in manufacturing, assembly and marketing under the name of EMAS Corporate Group; the company serves the country’s economy with a facility spreading across 15.000 m2 within the Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone, Istanbul.

A trusted name in the industry with its long history full of success, EMAS uses its strong experience and extensive infrastructure to understand and innovate with smart design made possible by our dynamic R&D department where dozens of engineers are employed.

Building on from the EMAS Quality, success and competitive value in the Domestic markets, these values can now be found in our growing Export sectors, with EMAS currently supplying products to more than 70 Countries internationally.

With half a century of experience and expertise in providing solutions in many different sectors with more than 18 product groups, EMAS is at the forefront of innovation, and moves forward as one of the strongest competitor of world-renowned brands.
EMAS 1969 Sticker